Amateur Boxing Results  

Records A-F

Name Team First/last bout in database Record
Abadzhyan Valeriy  URS 1979-1987 partial record
Aldama Andres CUB 1973-1983 partial record
Antkiewicz Aleksy  POL 1946-1954 partial record
Balado Roberto CUB 1986-1994 partial record
Behrendt Wolfgang GDR 1955-1964 partial record
Beterbiyev Artur RUS 2001-2012 partial record
Bivol Dmitriy RUS 2005-2014 partial record
Bobick Duane USA 1966-1972 partial record
Davis Howard USA 1973-1976 partial record
Dorticos Yunier CUB 2001-2008 partial record
Dychko Ivan KZK 2007-2016 partial record
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