7.Strandja Tournament - Veliko Tyrnovo & Sofia - April 23-29 and May 7-11 1956

thanks to Ognian Georgiev


51kg B.Stoilov BUL
54kg S.Alexandrov BUL
57kg V.Borisov BUL
60kg B.Stoyanov BUL
63,5kg Alexander Mitsev BUL
67kg G.Velev BUL
71kg Boris Georgiev BUL
75kg Gergin Topuzov BUL
81kg Petar Stankov Spasov BUL
+81kg Bozhko Lozanov BUL

The tournament is in the two cities, 5 weight divisions each and was decided to be at the same time national championships

Bulgarian Tournaments | 1956 Results