Dual Match Ireland - Wales 12:8

National Stadium, Dublin, Ireland

December 8, 1978

51kg Kelvin Smart WAL Tommy Thompson IRL PTS
54kg Philippe Sutcliffe IRL David George WAL RSC 2
54kg Patsy O'Reilly IRL Steve Toms WAL 3:0
57kg John Shaw IRL Mervyn Bennett WAL 3:0
57kg Don George WAL Kenneth Webb IRL KO 1
63,5kg Christy Ruth IRL Hugh Hodges WAL PTS
67kg Darwin Brewster WAL Ken Beattie IRL 3:0
71kg Gary Gething WAL Aidan Heffernan IRL RSC 1
75kg Terry Christle IRL Chris Salley WAL RSC 2
75kg John Ward IRL Douglas James WAL 3:0

Referee stopped bout Ward-James in the second round (James' cut eye); the decision went to points under the Irish rule and Ward was declared a unanimous winner

supporting youth bouts

??kg Damien Fryers IRL S.King WAL PTS
??kg Paul Loveless WAL D.Irvine IRL PTS


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