International championships

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 In 2008 AIBA changed names of age groups (Junior->Youth, Cadet->Junior)


Olympic Games

World Championships

World Cup

Goodwill Games

Youth Olympic Games

World Junior/Youth Championships

World Cadet/Junior Championships

World Women's Championships

World Women's Youth & Junior Championships

World University Championships

School Summer Games (Gymnasiade)

SportAccord Combat Games

AIBA Challenge Matches


European Games

European Championships

European U-22 Championships

European Junior/Youth Championships

European Cadet/Junior Championships

European Schoolboys/Schoolgirls Championships

European Women's Championships

European Women's Youth/Junior Championships

European Union Championships

European Union Junior Championships

European Union Cadet Championships

European Union Women's Championships

EUBC European Cup

Balkan Championships / Balkan Olympic Days

Nordic Championships

Baltic Championships

European Military Championships

European Students Championships

Railway Workers European Championships

Baltic Sea Youth Games


Asian Games

South Asian Federation Games

South-East Asian Games

West Asian Games

East Asian Games

Central Asian Games

Asian Indoor Games

East Asian Youth Games

Asian Championships

Asian U-22 Championships

Asian Junior/Youth Championships

Asian Cadet/Junior  Championships

Asian Schoolboys Championships

Asian Women's Championships

Asian Women's Youth Championships

Asian Women's Cup

China-ASEAN Championships

South-East Asian Championships

Asian Students Championships

Gulf Countries Championships

Children of Asia International Games

Russian-Chinese Youth Games


All-Africa Games

African Championships

African Cup of Nations

African Women's Championships

African Junior/Youth Championships

Central Africa Games

Indian Ocean Islands Games

African Military Games

African Youth Games

African Zone 6 Youth Games (SADC Youth Games)

East Africa Military Games

African Military Championships

West Africa Military Championships


Panamerican Games

Central American and Caribbean Games

Central American Games

South American Games

Panamerican Youth Games

South American Youth Games

Panamerican Championships

Panamerican Junior/Youth Championships

Panamerican Cadet/Junior Championships

Panamerican Women's Championships

South/Latin American Championships

South American Junior Championships

North American Championships

Central American and Caribbean Championships

Central American Championships

Caribbean Championships

Panamerican School Games

Bolivarian Games

Bolivarian Alternative Games (ALBA Games)

Australia & Oceania

South Pacific Games

Pacific Mini Games

Oceanian Championships

Oceanian Youth & Junior Championships

Arafura Games

Multi-Continents Championships

Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Championships

Commonwealth Youth Games

Mediterranean Games

French Community Games / Francophone Games

Afro-Asian Games

Afro-Latin American Games

Pacific Ocean Games

Islamic Solidarity Games Games

Pan Arab Games

Arab Championships

Arab Junior/Youth Championships

Arab Military Championships

Pre-Olympic Tournament

CISM Championships

Allied Championships

Pan-Arab Military Games

Former Soviet Bloc Countries Army Championships

Former Soviet Bloc Countries Police Championships

Former Soviet Bloc Countries Junior Championships

Former Soviet Bloc Countries Capitals Tournament

International Spartakiad

Commonwealth of Independent States Games

Workers Olympiad

World Festival of Youth and Students

Maccabiah Games


World Police & Fire Games


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