Dual Match The Netherlands - Canada 8:10

Schuttersveld, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

January 6, 1987


57kg Regilio Tuur  HOL Ian Thompson CAN 3:0
63,5kg Jimmy Hope CAN Abdelkader Wahhabi  BEL 3:0
67kg Lonnie Markwick CAN Ronald Voss HOL 3:0
67kg Nick Rupa CAN Frits Geel HOL 3:0
75kg Tyrone Gabriel CAN Marvin Hennep HOL RSC
75kg Peter Zwezerijnen HOL Danny Barber CAN 3:0
81kg Peter de Ruiter HOL Tom Glesby CAN 2:1
81kg Egerton Marcus CAN John Vergauwu HOL RSC
91kg Arnold Vanderlyde HOL Steve Travers CAN 3:0


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