Dual Match England - Canada 12:12

Bletchley Leisure Centre, Milton Keynes, England

October 31, 1984

48kg Danny Porter ENG Andre Charlebois CAN PTS
51kg Steve Beaupre CAN Stephen Nolan ENG PTS
54kg Sean Murphy ENG Daniel Paul CAN RSC 2
57kg Jamie Pagendam CAN Kevin Taylor CAN PTS
60kg Brian Roche ENG Gregory Gayle CAN PTS
63,5kg Denis Lambert CAN John Smith ENG PTS
67kg Wayne Gordon CAN Micky Flynn ENG KO 1
71kg Roy Connors ENG Randall Thompson CAN PTS
75kg Brian Schumacher ENG Rick Duff CAN RSC 1?
81kg Tony Wilson ENG Ken Johnson CAN RSC 1
91kg Wade Parsons CAN Dean Shiels ENG PTS
+91kg Lennox Lewis CAN Robert Wells ENG KO 3

thanks to Vladimir Nigmatulin; another source with some results: "The Province" (Vancouver) - November 1, 1984 (page 56)

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