Dual Match The Netherlands - Canada 12:10

Sporthal De Vliegermolen, Voorburg, The Netherlands

November 1, 1971

51kg Chris Ius CAN Dolf Krijgsman HOL TKO 2
54kg Jan Huppen HOL Dale Anderson  CAN PTS
57kg Paul Collette CAN Tommy Jansen HOL PTS
60kg Tonnie van Eck HOL Jose Martinez CAN TKO 2
63,5kg Michel Briere CAN Gerard Bok HOL PTS
67kg Donald Jansen HOL Steve Tohill CAN PTS
71kg Stan van der Driessche HOL Bernard Guindon CAN PTS
71kg Guus Bleus HOL Gordon Lawson CAN PTS
75kg Tim Taylor CAN Harry Bogaerts HOL TKO 2
+81kg Caroll Morgan  CAN Wille Overmeijer HOL TKO 3
+81kg Hennie Toonen HOL Jack Meda CAN DQ


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"Boxring" no 4/1972 (page 12) 

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