Dual Match France - Ireland 16:4

Annecy, France

May 7, 1960

51kg Antoine Porcel FRA Adam McClean IRL PTS
54kg Jean Parra FRA Patrick Kenny  IRL PTS
57kg Andre Juncker FRA Andrew Reddy  IRL PTS
60kg Danny O'Brien IRL Roger Younsi FRA PTS
63,5kg Bernie Meli  IRL J.Coletta FRA PTS
67kg Jean Josselin FRA Eddie Kelly IRL KO 1
71kg Souleymane Diallo FRA Danno Power IRL TKO 3
75kg Firmin N'Guia FRA Jim Byrne IRL KO 2
81kg Pierre Begeot FRA Colm McCoy IRL PTS
+81kg Joe Casey IRL Joseph Syoz FRA PTS

Danny O'Brien victory did not count as he was unable to make the weight and forfeited the contest to the French.

source: "The Advocate" - May 9? 1960 (page 13)

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