Dual Match Quebec Selection - Ireland 6:14

The Forum, Montreal, Canada

May 15, 1956

51kg Johnny Caldwell IRL Jean-Claude Leclair CAN PTS
54kg Freddie Gilroy IRL Gabriel Mancini CAN PTS
57kg Martin Smith IRL Jerry Boucher CAN PTS
60kg Tony Byrne IRL Yves Edmondo CAN PTS
63,5kg John Sweeney IRL Jean Dulheste CAN PTS
67kg Eddie Stock CAN Harry Perry IRL PTS
71kg James Montgomery  CAN Eamonn McKeon IRL PTS
75kg Peter Burke IRL Eckhart Korzer CAN PTS
81kg Brian Stewart CAN Victor Winnington IRL PTS
+81kg Jim Robinson IRL Andre Sauve CAN TKO 1

thanks to Gerry Callan

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