Duals Croatia - Hungary 6:6 or 6:8

Zagreb, Croatia

June 10, 1942

51kg Bela Varga HUN Mladen Jozic CRO PTS
54kg Endre Miriszlai HUN Ferdinand Matic CRO PTS
57kg Milan Maglica CRO Laszlo Torma HUN PTS
60kg Josip Devcic CRO Laszlo Vajda HUN PTS
67kg Gyula Torma HUN Antun Ticic CRO KO 2
75kg Emil Krleza CRO Rudolf Szalay HUN PTS
81kg Janos Jaszay HUN Ivan Hladni CRO ND
+81kg Laszlo Szolnoki HUN Viktor Sikic CRO NC

Croatian info: after 6 fights, duals is stopped because problem with judges. Hladni and Jaszai were fighting but in third round stopped when Hungarian judge has big mistake versus Hladni. Last bout Szolnoki-Sikic not contested. The results of the match was 6:6

Hungarian info: in the 3rd round of the Jászay-Hladni match, the Hungarian referee counted to 10 and declared Jászay the winner. Croatian and neutral German jury members saw that Hladni had already risen from the ground by 9. Due to the disorder of the Croatian spectators, match wasn't started in +81 kg. After half an hour, the organizers decided that FIBA would also decide on the Jászay-Hladni result and the Croatian-Hungarian duals final result. No info about FIBA decision. "Nemzeti Sport" (June 23, 1942 p.8) - The results of the match was 8:6 in hungarian favor.

thanks to Eduard Hemar and Janos Erdei (sources: "Nemzeti Sport" - June 12 & 23, 1942 & "Sporthirlap" - June 13, 1942)


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