Duals Great Britain - USA 14:8

London, England

May 5, 1936

team USA - New York Golden Gloves Team

50,8kg Alfred Russell ENG Joe Wall USA PTS
53,5kg Pete Scalzo USA Albert Barnes ENG PTS
57,2kg Jack Treadaway ENG Ray Olivo USA TKOI 2
61,2kg Fred Simpson ENG Marcus Cohn USA PTS
66,7kg Wallace Pack ENG Vince Pimpinella USA PTS
66,7kg George Spears ENG Murray Kravitz USA PTS
72,6kg William Skinner USA Alf Harrington ENG PTS
79,4kg George Brothers USA Tommy Griffin ENG PTS
79,4kg Phil Ragozzino USA Alf Shawyer ENG PTS
+79,4kg Vincent Stuart ENG Jim Howell USA PTS
+79,4kg Roger Hunter SCO Bill Schloeman USA TKO 2

another sources: british boxer in 57,2 kg was John Treadaway


53,5kg Laurie Case ENG George Coyle USA PTS
61,2kg Charles Webster ENG Austin McCann USA PTS
72,6kg Bradley Lewis USA Maurice Dennis ENG KO 1

The Lewis bout was most definitely an exhibition; the other two are marked as exhibitions based on the New York Times report and participation of fighters in the 1936 Intercity fights (championship division) and the 1936 Olympic Games

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