Duals USA - Ireland 12:4

Chicago, USA

August 3, 1933

team USA - Chicago Golden Gloves Champions

50,8kg Paddy Connolly IRL Leonard Cohen USA PTS
53,5kg Frank Kerr IRL John Ginter USA PTS
57,2kg George Van Der Heyden USA Paddy Hughes IRL TKO 3
61,2kg Edward Ward USA Ernie Smith IRL PTS
66,7kg William Celebron USA Jack Kennedy IRL PTS
72,6kg Fred Caserio USA Paddy Hennelly IRL PTS
79,4kg Max Marek USA Dick Hearns IRL PTS
+79,4kg John Pacek USA Paddy Mulligan IRL KO 1

Pacek later changed his name to Paychek, and fought Joe Louis in heavyweight championships in 1940

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