North American Championships - Milwaukee, USA - July 18-20 1974


1974-07-18 57kg Mike Hess USA Carlos Ramirez GUA TKO 2
1974-07-18 75kg Stan Williamson CAN Pietro Contarini CAN PTS

Beause of an oddity in the pairings, in order to win the title, Williamson would have to defeat each of three other fighters in his class. American Gary Alexander received a bye all the way to the finals


1974-07-18 48kg Albert Sandoval USA Luis Gonzalez COS PTS
1974-07-18 51kg Ian Clyde CAN Bienvenido Marquez PUR TKO 3
1974-07-19 57kg Mike Hess USA Jorge Prendas COS PTS
1974-07-19 57kg Camille Huard CAN Roberto Andino PUR TKO 1
1974-07-19 60kg Graham Moughton BER Victor Marroguin GUA TKO 1
1974-07-19 60kg Jose Luis Vellon PUR Robert Newton USA PTS
1974-07-19 63,5kg Ray Leonard USA Amador Rosario PUR PTS
1974-07-18 63,5kg Robert Proulx CAN Michel Briere CAN TKO 2
1974-07-18 67kg Leo Pelletier CAN Carlos Santos PUR PTS
1974-07-18 71kg Henry Bunch USA Michael Prevost CAN TKO 2
1974-07-19 75kg Stan Williamson CAN Robert Burgess BER TKO 3


1974-07-20 48kg Albert Sandoval USA Angel Torres PUR PTS
1974-07-20 51kg Greg Richardson USA Ian Clyde CAN PTS
1974-07-20 54kg Derrick Holmes USA Wilfredo Gomez PUR TKO 1
1974-07-20 57kg Mike Hess USA Camille Huard CAN TKO 2
1974-07-20 60kg Jose Luis Vellon PUR Graham Moughton BER PTS
1974-07-20 63,5kg Ray Leonard USA Robert Proulx CAN TKO 1
1974-07-20 67kg Clinton Jackson USA Leo Pelletier CAN PTS
1974-07-20 71kg Wilfredo Guzman PUR Henry Bunch USA PTS
1974-07-20 75kg Stan Williamson CAN Gary Alexander USA TKO 2
1974-07-20 81kg Mike Dokes USA Bryan Gibson CAN PTS
1974-07-20 +81kg Dwayne Bonds USA Angel Tanco PUR WO.

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