30.CISM Championships - Lagos, Nigeria - November 1978


48kg Fayek Adly Azed EGY Ola Adewumi NGA PTS
51kg Abdul Gardez Aami LEB Nureni Gbadamosi NGA PTS
54kg F.Sadi IRN Olakunle Babatune NGA KO
57kg Azumah Nelson GHA Tony Santana USA PTS
60kg Oh Young-Sae KOR Akwei Addo GHA PTS
63,5kg George Haynes USA Djillali Rahou ALG PTS
67kg Edward Green USA Jean-Louis Coquin FRA PTS
71kg Ebrahimza Kafshduz IRN Markus Intlekofer FRG PTS
75kg Jeff McCracken USA Saliu Awodeyi NGA KO
81kg Mohamed Mama GHA Elmer Martin USA PTS
+81kg Joseph Adamah Mensah GHA Rufus Hadley USA PTS

Finals results based on "Boks" nr 1/1979. The same are in Russian book "Boxing. From Montreal to Moscow" - "Бокс. От Монреаля до Москвы.Москва, Физкультура и спорт, 1980

But according to Wilfredo Esperon (USA) who competed in 51kg he was a runner-up after defeat in final against boxer from Ghana. Earlier Esperon beats the Nigerian in the second round of competition. Probably Aami and Gbadamosi were bronze medal winners.

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